Treads & Threads is an extraordinary party with an even more extraordinary purpose. It helps provide more options – and more hope – to patients battling cancer. The lives of countless cancer patients throughout the region have been touched by this annual gala – and by the community support behind it. Since 2002, Treads & Threads sponsors, patrons and guests have contributed more than $15.2 million to further expand and improve cancer care.

Our philanthropic focus

Proceeds from Treads & Threads 2022 will enrich our nationally recognized cancer program which now provides one of the most advanced methods of radiation treatment available today – proton therapy. The new Proton Therapy Center will serve patients from throughout the region and beyond. Providing proton therapy further strengthens our ability to ensure patients receive comprehensive, world-class care close to home. The new Proton Therapy Center is 1 of 39 of such centers in the United States.

The University of Kansas Cancer Center: Why NCI designation is important.

National Cancer Institute designation is only awarded to the nation’s premier cancer research centers. The University of Kansas Cancer Center is the only such center in Kansas and 1 of 71 nationwide. NCI-designated cancer centers are the backbone of the nation’s cancer research efforts to understand, prevent and treat cancer. Patients who receive treatment at an NCI-designated cancer center achieve 25% better outcomes than those treated at other cancer centers. We offer multiple locations across the metro and throughout the state, so our patients receive lifesaving care closer to home.

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